Thursday, August 14, 2008

It is R rated

Sex and the City is a movie that i watched this evening at home. It is a silly movie with quite a bit of naughty scenes. If it were not for such exposed scenaries, it would fit for teangers as well.
It is akin to Old Eygptian movies, where the actors exhibt a conspicious tendency towards exaggeration in their acting. However a phenomenal charactersitic in Eygptian movies is the fact that during the 2 hours everthing goes wrong, and all of a suddent, and towards the last few moments of the movie, things seem to turn out for the best (happy ending).
I like such twists in those movies, because i live real life moments every minute I breath and as such when i watch a movie i look for something different, and i do not want to be reminded of real life situation then.

Well, Eyptians lead the way in movies they produced in the 40's, 50's and 60's and now the Americans are catching up with a manifestation called Sex and the City.


Anonymous said...

As a graduate from Urbana you ought to do a little better than that.










Ammar said...

Uniersity of Illinos at Chcago is finaly talkng. let them show us what they have instaed of hyding behnid the hood. chk

subzero said...


ur post reminded me when i first came to japan and started learning japanese!

It was too difficult and i was also forgetting my English!

I could overcome that anyway..

Ammar said...

It is a pity that you forget your language, as for me when i started learning Engineering, i excelled in It and learned enough english to get an excellent Degree. But proudly, i never even come close to forgetting Arabic!

If I were you, i would not be Ostentatious about not being able to learn Japanese and yet forgetting another language.

Anonymous said...

preparing well for ramadan!!!

Anonymous said...

i like the happy endings as well, u said sthing really JAWHARY,reality is hard as it is,so its nice to go somewhere that take us out of reality for a change,one of those places is a good movie.

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