Wednesday, September 10, 2008

End of World

Are we going to witness the end of the world anytime soon?The Large Hadron Collider LHC -- a $9 billion particle accelerator designed to simulate conditions of the Big Bang that created the physical Universe -- was switched on at 0732 GMT at CERN, Switzerland. Today Sept 10th might be a day that history shall remember (or not quite so) for generations to come Scientist shall experiment the effect of collisions of Protons being fired around 27Km tunnel in opposite direction. Some scientists fear that such experiment may lead to the creation of Black Holes. So What? Ok, Blacks holes are very small particles with huge mass with gravitational forces so great that can swallow anything around it, even light (and hence the name Black). Well if this is true, then such energy is capable of swallowing planet earth and as such would mark the end of the world. If such a thread exists, then why physicists are massively excited about such an experiment
-Confirm theories that physicists have been studying including the existence of an extra dimension.
-The detection of a particle called Higgs Boson which is assumed to exist but never detected. Such particle is also known God particle. If LHC experiments prove the existence of Higgs Boson, the reason why matter has mass is revealed.
-Experiments will recreate the conditions of less than a millionth of a second after the Big Bang and therefore, try to confirm or reestablish how the world evolved.
-Explain why is the universe is ever expanding at an accelerating rate?
-Explain How gravity works?

I am sure there is more, but this is enough for an inquisitive mind to get keyed up for a new era of knowledge discovery. Despite its vast and complex appearance, Our universe is actually ORDERED , RATIONAL and ELEGENT. It is this fact finding experiments that show that the cosmos conforms to mathematical equations so symmetrical and satisfying, they can only be described as beautiful. No wonder Einstein said God does not play dice with the universe.

Can you people imagine that never anybody during the course of history of humanity endeavored for an experimental project that big before
I cannot wait

Amman Sept 10th , 2008
Ramadan 10, 1429
Ammar Sajdi


Anonymous said...

i have a proposal for u,why dont u make a blog in ARABIc language?

Ammar said...

I have a better proposal for you, why dont you try it yourself?

Anonymous said...

iam much better as a reader than a writer!

goli said...

i heard dr.zaghloul alnajjar talking about the big bang 2 days ago.

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