Friday, September 05, 2008

Head to Head

Google is a declaring a serious confrontation in the arena of web browser with the introduction of its CHROME browser. I cannot hide the fact that i am a firm believer in Google and as such, i downloaded the product on the same day it was announced. Already, news about security holes are looming, but remember this in only a BETA version. One nice thing about CHROME is that in the URL address field, you can either type a real URL or a search clause.
Is CHROME yet another browser? Is the world really in need for another browser? In fact, Google claims that that CHROME is not another simple browser, it is a platform to run web applications!Is this the start of a "head to head" competition with Microsoft? Not to forget, that Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo (45 Billion USD offer) that Yahoo turned down last may. Yahoo then signed an agreement with Google to share advertisement space. Microsoft seems to be seriously interested in invading the Web space through the acquisition of yahoo! and google does not just want to watch.
As a matter of fact, if CHROME succeeds in becoming the hub of a web based cloud computing model that necessarily obviates the need for Windows, MAC etc..

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Amr Hourani said...

Hi ,

You mentioned the bright side of it, but didnt you notice its EULA prior to install it?

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