Saturday, September 06, 2008

My first website - a primitive one

When I first felt like having a presence on the Web, Life was simple for me then. I did not know about HTML, Front page or any of the known Web authoring tools. Therefore, I decided to use an intuitive approach with ubiquitous methods.

The apparatus:

The first web site consisted of only one page with the following components (of course the layout of the original website - which never saw the light- had a phenomenal asthetic dimesnion to it, for its time, and the components you see are just isolated individual component laid out randomly ) :-

Weather Corner


Tahanee Corner

Exit button

Home Button

technology corner


Anonymous said...

i am impressed wallah

Anonymous said...

is this ur handwriting?
its sooooo funny,wallahe inta
2ossah la7alak!

Anonymous said...

what a silly comment, who's handwriting could it be,elzalameh is saying that it is his website, or does it look like a type writer to u?

Ammar said...

What is soo funny?
the handwriting or the content.
be specific!
what is wrong with the handwriting?

Anonymous said...

ok,laish m3asbeen ya jama3ah,ramadan kareem!!!
thank u for ur politness anonymous 3!

the content is so funny,sorry for not making that clear,and there is nothing about ur handwriting,on the contrary,u know that u can learn a lot about people from their handwriting!

Ammar said...

I heard about it on several occasions, but i really do not know what is it that you can learn about a person from the way they write. But the thing is handwriting tend to change especially during early stage of life. Additionally, i am one of those people who can control his handwriting, meaning i can write in several format. I hope that does not make me Schizophrenic!

Anonymous said...

well,this is a new field for u to know more about,u know about NLP,the colours and other interesting stuff,so why not learn more about the handwriting?!!!as iam not an expert,but i read a lot about it,and i think it is very interesting.
handwriting is one of the major ways for one to learn especially for the fields where communication skills r needed.

Anonymous said...

"handwriting is one of the major ways for one to learn about personalities,especially for the fields where communication skills r needed"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if any one interested in handwriting analysis,it is called graphothology,there is no need for graphotherapy.

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