Friday, October 31, 2008

Arabic Calligraphy

Today shall mark the end of the Arabic Calligraphy workshop that i have been attending for the last 3 weeks. It is a short workshop that meets once a week on Saturday at wild Jordan. We spend two hours learning about the different types of Arabic handwriting. I am a big fan of Arabic Calligraphy, and after attending the workshop, i am more determined than ever to pursue my quest to mastering the Diwany style, which truly captivated my sentiments.

Lots of talents coupled with a superb sense of brilliance is embedded in the scripts; coherence, harmony, and symmetry which are the prime features of this art, render an unprecedented new dimension of aesthetics to my repository of splendor.

Note: i was mistaken, there are three more sessions to go.

Emergence of a Poet

Last night and, I witness the emergence of the next generation poet. The 30 year chap, Tamim Barghouthy of a Palestine father and an Egyptian mother, is currently a political science assistant professor at Washington University. The event was held by Jerusalem Forum and the Welfare cooperation at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Amman. The Ballroom was filled with about 700 attendees and all proceeds went to the children of Gaza.

The Guy is a natural, who can write in colloquial Egyptian, and other local dialects as well as in well formatted formal poetry.

He posses a stunning talents of recitals and a superb ability to write captivating collection of harmonious series of words we call POETRY

That was my first real encounter with Tamim, even though; he appeared on TV many times before. I guess, however, that his star is shining like never before.

During the function, people generously donated money for the children of Gaza. The session was ended by book signing and i was privileged to have his signature on two of his published poetry books

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gitex is over and we are all back after 5 straight day in what i feel inclined to call Computer 7esbeh. A few positive things :-
I was really impressed by the care that the Jordanian consulate in UAE showed The commercial attaché : Mr. Al-Hakam Al-Taleb (who happened to be a classmate of mine visited the Jordanian Booth almost everyday
The consulate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan invited us for lunch at the MovenPick hotel and the consular attended the lunch
Mr Altaleb arranged for 1 hour TV show, where one of my colleagues and I were the host in a program called Sa3et Wafa through a satellite station called Decision Makers (NileSat). It is something similar to Yes3ed Saba7ak. At the end they gave us a CD recording of the episode.

The show itself is a just an networking oppurtunity and a way to say, we are here! There are lots of people and lots of companies, and as such, there is a bit of focus distraction.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This is the third day @Gitex. Nothing extra ordinary, Just the usual, People coming and going making things look busy. Yesterday I invited some people for late lunch to an Iranian restaurant, and i was not able to make it back to the convention center due to traffic.Last time i was here i suffered to problems with finding a Taxi. This time i rented a car to overcome Taxi availability issue, only to encounter yet another problem. Availability of Parking!
It more of a social event that it is a business expo, I met a guy who was a classmate of mine. It was nice seeing him after those so many years. He works as the commercial attaché for the Jordanian Embassy in the UAE.

Friday, October 17, 2008

See you at G6-40

Hall 6 Stand G6-40 is where you can find us exhibiting our Flagship BI Data Warehousing Solution, GIS, statistical and survey system, banking and telco solutions.

@GITEX 2008, Thanks to Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO)
and INTAJ that made this participation possible.


  • REALSOFT is a leading Jordanian IT company with a registered branch office in Oman. The establishment of REALSOFT has accelerated the growth of business and depth of support in the field of programming solutions and system integrations. REALSOFT now employs 40+ people operating in 8 countries. Expert programmers, Quality Engineer, Marketing and service teams are working together closely to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction in this high technology industry. REALSOFT has a full company organization designed to make it flexible and adaptive to the changing and developing requirements of customers. Our portfolio of businesses is aligned with enduring, global growth drivers, and our employees bring extraordinary focus to meeting the needs of the people who buy and use our products and services in all the markets we serve. REALSOFT is a trusted provider of mission-critical products and services that support both local and regional needs utilizing cutting edge state-of-the-art software platforms and technologies

    Software offerings
  • The design, development, implementation and support of E-services based state-of-the-art Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm
  • The design, development, implementation, licensing and support of End-to-End of a new generation of paperless, PDA based statistical census and survey solutions.
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data warehouse services; data mining, data migration, data consolidation, data synchronization and data quality.

  • Industry verticals:
    · J2EE web based Telco Customer Service Management System (CSMS) – CRM
    · General Banking Risk Reserve / Credit facilities
    · Customs Authorities Business Intelligence BI solution based on ASYCUDA system
    · Social Funding Information System
    · Higher Education Business Intelligence (BI) solution
    · Banking Risk Management Operational Data Store (ODS)
    · Statistical packages:-

    § Household Income and Expenditure System
    § Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    § Electronic Population Census (PDA based)
    § Electronic Agricultural Census (PDA based)
    § Labor Force Survey
    § Social and Economic Indicators Dashboard

    Success Story
    REALSOFT was the first company worldwide to deliver PDA based population census solution back in 2003, integrated with a GIS layer for data visualization and dissemination. The solution was first deployed in Oman through the Ministry of National Economy - Muscat

    · CeBIT 2005 – Germany
    · Gitex 2008
    First prize winner for the Jordan Telecom most innovative project competition in the ICT sector - 2005

Professional services

BI And Data warehousing:

REALSOFT has an extensive experience in this field. It can provide both consultation and implementation of end-to-end solutions
· Build and design Data Warehouses both ROLAP and MOLAP using Oracle OLAP server
· ETL using Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle Data Integrator and IBM data stage
· Build and design analysis and reporting solutions using the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite—delivers a full range of BI capabilities including interactive dashboards, ad hoc reporting, proactive intelligence and alerts, Enterprise reporting and distribution

Oracle ADF application development framework for J2EE
· ADF J2EE consultation and development.
· ADF business components (BC4J).
· Using Jdeveloper to build JSF based Application.
· integration with Oracle OID (LDAP)

Integration Services

As a result of REALSOFT Wide exposure to numerous projects, it gained a solid experience in integrating Oracle environment with others platforms
· Seamless integration with IBM MQSeries messaging system
· Oracle Integration with IBM DB400 through DRDA
· Flat files, XML, TCP/IP, Excel, ODBC, SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE Heterogeneous Services

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Visualization is becoming an important part of software solutions. REALSOFT integrates several of its solution with a GIS based visual layers. We utilize several tools to satisfy this need.
· Oracle locator and Spatial Engine
· Oracle java based Map Viewer
· ESRI Suite of products

Oracle Classical Technologies
REALSOFT employees have enormous experience in Oracle Core technology and products.
· Oracle Internet Developer suite, Oracle Forms and Reports Designer (100% generation), Oracle HeadStart, Discoverer, Jdeveloper etc..
· Oracle Custom Development Method (CDM)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

الخط العربـي

لطالما غدوت معجبا باشكال الخط العربي لا وبل باؤلائك الذين يتقنون فنونة. لقد برع العرب عبر غابر الزمان بالكتابة وظهر نتيجة لذلك عدة انواع من الخطوط والتي لا يمكن وصفها الا انها من الروعة بمكان
ومنذ صغري وانا اقف محدقا امام كلمات مصفوفة مكتوبة بخطوط عربية غير ابه بمعانيها بل هائما في الابعاد الجمالية لتلك القطع الفنية الرائعة محدقا بالاشكال القابعة امامي مستمتعا بما تحوية من مخزون جمالي منقطع النظير مقدرا الموهبة العالية لهذا النمط من الفن
وما اثلج صدري واشعل قريحتي مؤخرا هو موقع يعلن عن دروس في الخط العربي

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Books@cafe stunning reaction

BooksATcafe was closed for serving alcohol during Ramadan, I am stunned as to why people are shocked.

ever since i was a kid, i see all liquor stores close down, but the gay-centric community of books@cafe is appalled? Out of respect, ya gam3et elkair you could have shown solidarity with the vast majority of the nation and the country where you are living and respected their feeling by excersing your inclination in secrecy. Defiance shall take you no where.

Sorry, but your idiology stems from different background and different culture which obviously is not prevelent in this part of the world nor is easily accepted by your fellow citizins (and apparently government officials).

In the end, Jordan is part of the Arab and Islamic world where Ramdan is seriously observed. Any expilict lack of respect to Ramadan and values of Ramadan shall not taken lightly by the commnity at large. if you want to drink alcohol in Ramadan, it does not have to be in public

اذا ابتليتم فاستتروا

i am sorry again, but to criticize Jordan, the rule and regulation for such a cause is, from my point of view, is a silly thing. There are lots of other things that are far more valid if you want to criticise.

Actually, i have a contrary view on drinking alcohol in Jordan. I studied in the US back in the 80's and then, there were strict rules and regulation with regards to alcohol.

Drinking age is 21 ( Here you can buy and drink during your infency)
No liquor store is licensed if it is within 1-2 miles from a school (here in Amman look across Wahbee Tamaree kindergarten and tell me what you see)
Drinking and Driving is a felony (Never heard anybody tested for driving while drinking in Jordan)

And you ppl are getting too mad if you were asked to observe the holliness of the month of Ramadan

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