Friday, October 31, 2008

Arabic Calligraphy

Today shall mark the end of the Arabic Calligraphy workshop that i have been attending for the last 3 weeks. It is a short workshop that meets once a week on Saturday at wild Jordan. We spend two hours learning about the different types of Arabic handwriting. I am a big fan of Arabic Calligraphy, and after attending the workshop, i am more determined than ever to pursue my quest to mastering the Diwany style, which truly captivated my sentiments.

Lots of talents coupled with a superb sense of brilliance is embedded in the scripts; coherence, harmony, and symmetry which are the prime features of this art, render an unprecedented new dimension of aesthetics to my repository of splendor.

Note: i was mistaken, there are three more sessions to go.


Anonymous said...

is it possible to participate in the middle of the course?

Ammar said...

Does not sound like a good idea. However, you can ask the organizers

Anonymous said...

if u r interested in the calligrphy,there is a good one called محمد ابو عزيز,he works with الاندى gallery,ask for majdolin for the information,she's the one in charge.

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