Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Books@cafe stunning reaction

BooksATcafe was closed for serving alcohol during Ramadan, I am stunned as to why people are shocked.

ever since i was a kid, i see all liquor stores close down, but the gay-centric community of books@cafe is appalled? Out of respect, ya gam3et elkair you could have shown solidarity with the vast majority of the nation and the country where you are living and respected their feeling by excersing your inclination in secrecy. Defiance shall take you no where.

Sorry, but your idiology stems from different background and different culture which obviously is not prevelent in this part of the world nor is easily accepted by your fellow citizins (and apparently government officials).

In the end, Jordan is part of the Arab and Islamic world where Ramdan is seriously observed. Any expilict lack of respect to Ramadan and values of Ramadan shall not taken lightly by the commnity at large. if you want to drink alcohol in Ramadan, it does not have to be in public

اذا ابتليتم فاستتروا

i am sorry again, but to criticize Jordan, the rule and regulation for such a cause is, from my point of view, is a silly thing. There are lots of other things that are far more valid if you want to criticise.

Actually, i have a contrary view on drinking alcohol in Jordan. I studied in the US back in the 80's and then, there were strict rules and regulation with regards to alcohol.

Drinking age is 21 ( Here you can buy and drink during your infency)
No liquor store is licensed if it is within 1-2 miles from a school (here in Amman look across Wahbee Tamaree kindergarten and tell me what you see)
Drinking and Driving is a felony (Never heard anybody tested for driving while drinking in Jordan)

And you ppl are getting too mad if you were asked to observe the holliness of the month of Ramadan


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excellent post,well written.

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