Friday, October 31, 2008

Emergence of a Poet

Last night and, I witness the emergence of the next generation poet. The 30 year chap, Tamim Barghouthy of a Palestine father and an Egyptian mother, is currently a political science assistant professor at Washington University. The event was held by Jerusalem Forum and the Welfare cooperation at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Amman. The Ballroom was filled with about 700 attendees and all proceeds went to the children of Gaza.

The Guy is a natural, who can write in colloquial Egyptian, and other local dialects as well as in well formatted formal poetry.

He posses a stunning talents of recitals and a superb ability to write captivating collection of harmonious series of words we call POETRY

That was my first real encounter with Tamim, even though; he appeared on TV many times before. I guess, however, that his star is shining like never before.

During the function, people generously donated money for the children of Gaza. The session was ended by book signing and i was privileged to have his signature on two of his published poetry books

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