Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gitex is over and we are all back after 5 straight day in what i feel inclined to call Computer 7esbeh. A few positive things :-
I was really impressed by the care that the Jordanian consulate in UAE showed The commercial attaché : Mr. Al-Hakam Al-Taleb (who happened to be a classmate of mine visited the Jordanian Booth almost everyday
The consulate of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan invited us for lunch at the MovenPick hotel and the consular attended the lunch
Mr Altaleb arranged for 1 hour TV show, where one of my colleagues and I were the host in a program called Sa3et Wafa through a satellite station called Decision Makers (NileSat). It is something similar to Yes3ed Saba7ak. At the end they gave us a CD recording of the episode.

The show itself is a just an networking oppurtunity and a way to say, we are here! There are lots of people and lots of companies, and as such, there is a bit of focus distraction.


Anonymous said...

when the show is on the tv?

Ammar said...

It was LIVE on the AIR
however, if you insist, I will place a copy in Virgin Mega store!

Anonymous said...

i insist!:)

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