Thursday, November 13, 2008

Engineers of Jihad

Which academic pursuit has been the most prevalent among Islamic Jihadis?

An interesting article appeared in IEEE spectrum magazine September issue Volume 45 number 9 which exactly answers this question

Steffen Hertog and Diego Gambetta studied files of 404 people Jihad activist from 30 countries, only to find that the most prevalent academic pursuit is ENGINEERING.

out of the 404 people, the study could only confirm the academic standing of 178 people. 44% were engineers - most of them Electrical , Civil and Computer Engineers.

The paper submitted by these two gentlemen (no 2007-10, University of Oxford) revealed the following figure for fields of study

Engineers 78
Islamic Studies 34
Medicine 14
Business/Economics 12
Education 5
others 28
Subject Unknown 18


Ammar Sajdi

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Anonymous said...

الله يخليك بس لا تتهور :))

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