Saturday, March 14, 2009

You cannot have an IP Camera in Jordan

An IP camera is similar to WebCam, but it is not directly attached to your Desktop via USB. It is Assigned an IP address and therefore, can connect to any point in your LAN.

I found a nice IP Camera in Amazon.Com and I ordered it. This IP Camera turned out to hook to a wireless LAN. It arrived to the Airport with Aramex and Aramex told me that since it is wireless you need to get it approved from TRC (Telecom Regulatory Commission). So far so good, i am sure they want to make sure that it works on the standard IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g protocol that uses the 2,4 GHz Bank.

Well, it took a couple of days to get the approval. Aramex told me that you have to wait more since the Camera has to get the approval of Military Security (Al-Amen Al-3askari). That was sometime in January, and after that , there was no news about the Camera. After getting some people make a few calls to make the process faster. I received a call from the Airport last Wed asking me to come on Thursday. I went Thursday early in the morning (I arrived at about 8:15) only to find that the office they asked me to visit was closed. People told me that they can come any moment. It was at about 11 O’clock that somebody came and opened the door.

He invited me in and I told him about the Camera. He opened a folder and looked at some correspondence and told me that this Camera is not allowed to get into JORDAN.

I was really shocked! I could understand that they wanted to know what kind of a camera it is. But to end up banning its entry for security reasons is totally absurd. I am sorry, but how can a wireless camera that hooks to a standard wireless network that cannot send a signal for more that a few meters cause a risk to the national security.

Today wireless networks are everywhere; in fact our office is standardized on wireless! His Majesty the king and through several trips tried so hard to promote the IT industry outside Jordan, but trying to market local companies and try to bring in foreign companies to open offices in Jordan. Imagine what impression such companies would have when they realize that they cannot get their wireless camera in! And then how can we become an IT exporter country according to the Kings wish when we cannot get in some of the basic wireless components ?

I cannot understand why mobiles with cameras are allowed in Jordan!

In the end, the guy was so kind to me and told me that he is going to offer me an option to re-export it! Reporting it according to Aramex will cost me 120 JD just for the paper work and 42 JD as fees (which is more than the cost of the Camera itself)

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at the end shoo sar belkamerah?

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