Saturday, July 04, 2009

Marwa is murdered in Germany

Marwa Al-Shirbini, an 32 year pregnant Eygptian women was stapped to death at a Dresden Courtroom by a German citizen of russan descendant. She was suing her attacker after he insulted her for wearing the Islamic hijab.

By the way she was stabbed 18 times, and the police came into the room and shot her husband instead of the attackers (because of his Islamic beard and dark complexion )

Where is CNN! Or BBC why isn't this event occupying the breaking News

to stab somebody 18 times, must have taken long time, where was everybody? And how come the police shot her husband. Why do they assume that we are the attackers, I do not recall that we occupied Britain or occupied Germany to give them the feel that we are hostile in nature, or have done anything to instigate avenge.

Imagine that a German national is stabbed to death in an Egyptian Courtroom. I would be certain that in every newspaper, magazine, News or media broadcast would be talking about this event till we get sick and tired of listening.


ناصر منصور said...

While I feel a sense of sorrow to what had happened i have this comment.
We are not occupying them, yet. But we are invading them slowly but surely. We are planting the fear of us in them ... frankly they should fear us if they have any good sense. I would fear us if I was them. I already fear even what is happening here at home. I miss the 1970's when the bearded faces were rare and full face covered veils did not exist. Wherever they are there is trouble.

abudrock said...

hi nasser,

and what exactly is happening here at home

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