Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He was a model professor: generous with ideas, gracious with advice, and intellectually curious about many subjects

This is what students of Professor Richard M. Brown said when he passed away on Aug, 22 09
Brown worked in the Control Systems Laboratory at Illinois (now the Coordinated Science Laboratory) when it was new to campus, helping to set a foundation for digital computer research. He was involved in the creation of such ground-breaking computers as the CSX-1 and the first supercomputer, the ILLIAC IV. PLATO, the first computer-assisted instruction system that helped to develop Internet concepts such as chat rooms and online testing, was helped by Brown’s research on teaching machines.

He did not live to hear what his students had to say about him! He did make a difference and the title just spells it out. If you like it, try to make a difference!

i tried myself, but it seems it shows after we die (if Ever!!!)


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