Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Vessel Effect

It us unlawful for a state to intercept a ship belonging to anther country over high seas as dictated by the permanent court of international justice in the SS Lotus case (1927):

"... Vessels on the high seas are subject to no authority except that of the state whose flag they fly. In virtue of the principle of the freedom of the seas, that is to say, the absence of any territorial sovereignty upon the high seas, no state may exercise any kind of jurisdiction over foreign vessels upon them."

Israel attack on flotilla is clearly a violation of international laws; and as such, Turkey has all the rights in the world to demand judiciary actions against Israel. Israel has violated human rights and international laws in many previous incidences, but this time, it could be a bit different. The crime has been committed arrogantly against vessels flying the Turkish flag with over 600 people from 30 different countries on board, thus, jeopardizing its relationship with just about its only ally in the Middle East.
The Turkish people on board, on the other hand, have showed examples of bravery, sacrifice and courage that touched the hearts of the "emotionally inclined" living species of the Middle East - me not being an exception.

Needless to say, Turkey is now gaining enormous popularity, appreciation and support from the frustrated peoples of the region. This is hardly surprising as the Turkish regime has in the past few year transformed into a sovereign state with viable economy and influential leadership.

What can we do from here?

Well, buy Turkish products, and make turkey grow stronger both politically and economically. Next, imagine what could happen if more campaigns to break the blockage of Gaza are organized by sending tens of vessels with more international supporters. Then if Israel stops them in the same manner, it would have so much to lose, and if it did not, the blockage of gaze would be broken. In either case, it is a win situation.

In the meanwhile, all Arab countries are busy condemning the Crime and sending the Israeli government genstures of discontent as they have been doing for the last sixy-something years, obviously, to no avail

By the way, my Grandfather is of a turkish descent


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