Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lunch time

I was in the mood for Humos today during the lunch hour.

The above statement conveys two pieces of information;the first is the trivial fact that I was craving for Humos, and the other is the fact that there is a lunch hour in my life. Not interesting, nor important. In fact, nothing to write about! (btw, after all these years, i still have to think when i use the word "write", cuz frequently i get it mixed up with "right"). More relevant to the post is the fact that our lunch hour is from 2 to 3 pm.

At around 2:13 we were passing thru Gardens str. and thought that we might as well indulge in a lavish portion of humos topped with hot sauce socked in olive oil with a round of falafel and mint tea at Kalha. After the ordinary challenge , we found a parking and headed into the restaurant, only to find Kalhas do not serve between 2 and 3 pm; you can take sandwiches (safari style). I was stunt, immobilized, and for a moment, almost speechless, then felt stupid. For the longest time, we must have picked the wrong time slot for the lunch hour. How can it be right when it does not coincide with the time set by those whose main business activity is to offer lunch for us.
Things must have changed around me, while I was left in total stagnation. When do Jordanians have their lunch?

P.S. After the moment of astonishment and anguish passed by, i was able to ask the question whether the situation was just an intermittent and temporally loss of service, but the answer was that every day during this time slot, they clean up the place

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