Wednesday, December 29, 2010


For about 8 months, and together with Mohammad Abu Gharbieh , i have been cycling.
A couple of month back, we purchased mountain bikes. We take the bikes and ride for some distance averaging 50Km +

Monday, December 13, 2010

ما رميت اذ رميت ولكن اللة رمى

I am in Muscat oman know for the inauguration of the 2010 Oman Census Project (which is by large the largstd software project REALSOFT has executed during its history). I came last Friday on GulfAir.

I have made hotel reservation through on Thursday and of course, used me Credit Card as a guarantee. Before I left, I called our office in Muscat to confirm my arrival date and time and they informed me that they have managed to get good rates in another hotel where other members of the company are also staying including those arriving with me on the same flight. Naturally, i tried to cancel my Hotel reservation through website, but they informed me that they will charge me fully if i cancel because i am doing it less than 24 hours prior to arrival. Ok, I thought i would try to cancel it upon arrival in order to stay with my colleagues in the other hotel. We arrived in Muscat and went directly to the Hotel trying to play dumb, and assume that we can cancel the reservation. All attempts failed!!! The Cancelling could not possible be done, and things seem to be moving against my will
Soon after the my colleagues left to their hotel, they called me back informing me that they did not have a place to stay because the other hotel cancelled their reservation and all other hotel in Muscat were fully booked due to some Athletic tournament.
The flow of events made me think; it is as though things are really pre-arranged.
If I did not make the reservation in the first place, or succeeded to cancel it, I would have been forced to wander around in the middle of the night finding myself a place to stay. I thought things were really going against my well, where in reality things were going for my benefit.
Subhan allah

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