Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oracle Application Server 10g Rel 2 on Linux

Spend quite sometime last sunday with Tareq Haddadin of REALSOFT to install Oracle 10g application server or RedHat 4. The installation failed repeatidly. As the day was winding down (Actually about 9:30) we figured it out. Never remove the following line from the /etc/hosts file localhost.localdomain localhost

unfortunately, we removed this line and instead added a line indicating the real IP and Hostname.
It seesm that the Installation scripts uses the first lines and fires an error message that does not lead you anywhwere. To be honest, i reviewed the installation documents, and found out that Oracle clearly mentions the need of the above line. Guess i was too confident and did not care to read the installation document.
I learned that no matter now long your experience is, reading the installation guide could save you sometime

Ammar Sajdi
www. e-ammar.com

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