Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dont miss this place

Jal3ad Again!

I visited Jal3ad again two weeks back with the company guys. This is the second visit, I wrote about my first visit to Jalad in my third blog post back in August 14th, 2005 . I liked it this time more because of the greenery that this area enjoys during spring, really breath taking views. I had to reduce the resolution to make the size of the images, which resulted in deterioration of image quality. The actual images and the acual scenes are much nices, but this should give you an idea

That is me by the way, Ammar


Ramma said...

seems 2 be really nice place. I will certainly try my best to visit it.
Like barbecue suitable places:)

Manal said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos..amazing place. I've been there when I had to go to the hourse club there..just awesome place .

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