Friday, November 30, 2007

The world's TOP 100 Engineering and computer universities

I was not surprised not to find any Arab or Islamic university among the leading universities in the world. Also not surprised to find two Israeli universities, which tells you what?
And that the top 15 Universities are all American with Cambridge (UK) coming 16th??
Tohoku (Japan) at 17th???

Are the high rise building and mega malls in Dubai getting us anywhere?
Or the tones of IT graduate from our 22 jordanian unversities contribute anything to the world?
Or the massively luxurious car, unprecedented in other parts of the world taking us anywhere?
How about the near $100 Per barrel OIL prices that our neigbouring countries are charging now a days?
Isn't the quran that started with the word 'IQRA2' ? (read- a clear indicator for the important of education)
Let me NOT imagine what prophet mohammad would react to all of that


1 Massachusetts Inst Tech (MIT)
2 Stanford Univ
3 Univ Illinois - Urbana Champaign
3 Univ Michigan - Ann Arbor
5 Univ California - Berkeley
6 Pennsylvania State Univ - Univ Park
7 Georgia Inst Tech
8 Univ Texas - Austin
9 Univ California - San Diego
10 Purdue Univ - West Lafayette
11Univ California - Santa Barbara
12Univ Southern California
13Univ Maryland - Coll Park
14Carnegie Mellon Univ
15Cornell Univ
16Univ Cambridge
17Tohoku Univ
18California Inst Tech
19Univ Toronto
20Northwestern Univ
21Univ Wisconsin - Madison
22North Carolina State Univ - Raleigh
22Univ Washington - Seattle
24Princeton Univ
25Kyoto Univ
26Ohio State Univ - Columbus
27Imperial Coll London
28Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Lausanne
28Tokyo Inst Tech
30Univ Florida
31Texas A&M Univ - Coll Station
32Natl Univ Singapore
33Univ California - Los Angeles
34Univ Minnesota - Twin Cities
35Harvard Univ
36Univ Pennsylvania
37Hong Kong Univ Sci & Tech
38Technion Israel Inst Tech
39Osaka Univ
40Univ Massachusetts - Amherst
41Univ Oxford
42Univ Colorado - Boulder
43Univ California - Davis
44Univ Manchester
45McGill Univ
46Univ Waterloo
47Virginia Tech
48Univ California - Irvine
49Natl Chiao Tung Univ
50Duke Univ

RANK from 50-75

Arizona State Univ - Tempe
Case Western Reserve Univ
Chalmers Univ Tech
City Univ Hong Kong
Kyushu Univ
Michigan State Univ
Nanyang Tech Univ
Polytechnic Inst Turin
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst
Rice Univ
Seoul Natl Univ
Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Zurich
Tech Univ Denmark
Tokyo Univ
Tsing Hua Univ
Univ Bordeaux 1
Univ Bristol
Univ British Columbia
Univ Delaware
Univ Leuven
Univ Melbourne
Univ New South Wales
Univ Sheffield
Univ Sydney
Univ Twente
Univ Virginia

Rank 76 - 100

Boston Univ
Chinese Univ Hong Kong
Delft Univ Tech
Hokkaido Univ
Indian Inst Sci
Iowa State Univ
Johns Hopkins Univ
Korea Advanced Inst Sci & Tech
Lund Univ
Natl Taiwan Univ
Natl Tsing Hua Univ
Pohang Univ Sci & Tech
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ
Tech Univ Munich
Tel Aviv Univ
Univ Alberta
Univ California - Riverside
Univ Central Florida
Univ Leeds
Univ Louvain
Univ Montreal
Univ Naples Federico II
Univ Newcastle
Univ Paris 06
Univ Southampton
Univ Utah
Univ Utrecht
Uppsala Univ
Washington Univ - St. Louis
Zhejiang Univ


Anonymous said...

wasn't Jordan supposed to be one of the arab world most educated country? but not one Jordanian university made it to the list. all these high taxes and expensive university fees jordanains have to pay for WHAT? just to pay vacations and villas and scholarships for regime thugs?

Anonymous said...

dude............fuck u!!!!!!

i kno that u mite be sum1 from the first world countries....but ur thoughts luk like they hav never ever been upgraded ever since the earth was wait a second!.....i m wrong.....i guess even the ppl in the medieval ages didnt think this way!!....

Anonymous said...

Are you mad,
that is the wrong list, completely wrong,
where are the IITs?

Sajid Shah said...

The comments above look quite bad :(. However, I found this list of American Engineering Universities on the internet. Just look at the huge number of universities there, and compare it with the tiny number of universities in the Islamic world. You will get the answer to your question straight-away. There is only one way of progress open for us; and that is to establish institutions of knowledge.

Ammar said...


glad that you commented, however, look at it as positive criticism. the comment is bad , but realistic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's sad but true that IIT(s) are not in top 100. Generally we boast a lot of IIT but hardly it is in 150s. Dude list is not wrong. Even IIM(s) have more worse ranking than IIT on global arena.

sandeep said...

The entrance exam for the IIT might be the top entrance exam and might be the toughest..but the standards of the IIT are just to make place in top 100 I assume

Nisar Ahmed said...

I want to study at world's no.1 engineering university. . i have skills on engineering i invented the walk and charge a charger which works on human's walking..

Anonymous said...

I'd like to receive information on how to get a masters scholarship offer in computer engineering. I am a Nigerian. I wlook forward to receiving a positive answer. Thanks.

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