Sunday, July 20, 2008

The house of your dreams

On Thursday July 10th, we held school re-union for many of the pre-historic school friends. The venue was the house of my grandmother, the late Abdul Raheem Jardaneh - Jabal Amman. The house was built in 1935 at a street previously known as Mango Str, or Asfoor Str, but formally Omar Ibn Al-Khatab just 100 meter before Books@cafe. The house was renovated and decorated by my aunte Zaha Jardaneh Mango who posses a natural talent in interior design. The first invited guest walked in and then out thinking that they were entering a museum and not a house. The weather was magnificent and the setting nothing less than magical. I took a few pictures to explain why

A Warm Welcom

A little bit of History

One day back in 2003, 2004 I used this room as a study room while discussing Final projects for a group of students

a miniature dining room (this room was one an office ). Please note the floor

Same room but zooming at one of the walls where a full size painting of Jerusalem fills the entire wall

looking inside the same room from the Garden

looking outside from the main entrance

This is a picture taking at a low altitude. The ceramics are the original 1935

Beautiful formation

This is a Radio bought in 1937. This is Pre Transistor Radio, meaning that this Radio was built before the invention of the Transistor (probably using Vaccum Tube technology)

Part of the Garden

Also in the Garden

Some of the Guest: Nadia, Lara, Lama, Ghadeer, Maha and Ni3mat

There is also an old library and could not but take a few shots of some books that emanate history

look at the date on which this book was purchased (21/12/1920)

This book was published in 1895 (some 113 years ago) and is as good as new

So, you think you can read Arabic, read on, it is an Organic Chemstry book. By the way, my grandfather was a pharmacist

Read the following section as well


Anonymous said...

it's a great house it's full of feelings & stories

Anonymous said...

our houses now are empty of dreams

Anonymous said...

salam,u mean the house of UR dreams;)
and it is a very beautiful old house,ur aunt did a gr8 reminds me of all the old houses in jabal alwaibdeh,ramallah,beirut,they all have the same identity,ALASALAH!
like the people who used to live in them,and look at us now!!!!ALLAH yer7am ayyam zaman!

Anonymous said...

and how ami suppose to "read the following section",when its written in turkish?

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