Saturday, July 05, 2008

Travelling again

I am on my way to Muscat - Oman for two nights then another two nights at Manama Bahrain before i am back to Amman.
I have not been traveling lately. My last trip was a 2 day visit to Dubai on May 13th.
Business trips are no longer exciting to me at all. I try to avoid them when i can. However, they are inevitable.

what to exepct! well High temperature, high humidity, high hotel prices~

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Anonymous said...

i went to masqat on may,and it was sooooo wonderfuly beautiful,although it was soooo hot compared to abu dhabi,still the ocean is sthing else,sob7an ALLAH!!!
i enjoyed sailing in the ocean ,seeing hundreds of spinner dolphins all together,felt like meeting movie stars,cause i only saw them on the national giografic of animal planet,i just can say ,SOB7AN ALLAH WA LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH!!!!!!!

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