Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid -- Déjà Vu

Yesterday, when eid was announced i felt that i have this moment again -- الافطار اليوم غلط

Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Yemen and others continued fasting today, and they were correct about it
Is it really that difficult to unify such occasion?
I am really disappointed that Muslim countries still cannot accept the declaration of new lunar month astronomically! I cannot understand the rational behind it

Regardless, it was a very very beautiful days weather wise today

Monday, September 29, 2008

bailout rejected احلوت اللعبة

the collapse of the soviet union stunned the world’s population as it was not easy to comprehend how a super power could end.

The financial system in the US seems to be collapsing in a shocking manner. Something I could not have believed if I were not living the moments.

Is this a proof that capitalism is bound to fail, and that we are just witnessing the start of the its decline?

What about Free Economy? The US government proposed to bailout the financial institutions for a staggering amount of 700 Billion USD. Such intervention, I believe, is really a step in the opposite direction of what Free Economy is all about!

An Immediate reaction for the rejection of the bailout plan was record drop in the Dow and Nasdaq in addition to a drastic drop in Oil prices.

What is the future going to bring us, how are the current crises going to affect us in the Middle East? Allay yostor and this is yet to be seen

What is puzzling me the most is how have this all happened? It is not easy to believe that western economists graduating from Harvard and Yale and supposedly the brightest among the economists of the world, those behind building companies that invented INTEL, AMD CPU, those behind building MAC O/S and Windows, those behind Oracle Database and IBM websphere, those behind conquering the outside space, those behind VMWARE software. those behind building FORD and Boeing , the federal bank, the world bank, Financial regulatory bodies all the CPAs the CFAs , CMAs. It is giants like Morgan Stanley, Leeman Brothers that we are talking about!!!!

Being a software veteran, I was and still is involved in complex data mining software based on neural networks, fuzzy logic, experts systems that made possible the creation of software system like Risk Managements, Credit scoring, Anti Money laundering and others that is capable of raising so many alerts before the financial situation of a bank comes even close to exposure posing risk to banks operations. Let alone, software solution that we created here locally that monitors local bank Credit facilities classification and impairment provisions based on tough instruction put forward by the Central Bank of Jordan. Such software monitors and audits the banks credit facilities to ensure that banks have enough reserves against bad debts. Don’t tell me that such software systems do not exist in the States. And where did Basel II regulations taking us!

What am I trying to imply?
Conspiracy theory?
Is this a way to suck in the extra Oil money that oil producing countries made?
How much did governments and investors of Kuwait, KSA, UAE etc.. Lose?
Is this an epidemic that is going to sweep the entire world?
Well, after reading this, I am sure many people will tell me
الاسلام هو الحل

Monday, September 22, 2008

يا فرحة ما تمت

In my last post about The world's largest atom smasher at CERN, I obviously failed to hide my excessive excitement and enormous joy about the commencement of the 27-kilometer circular tunnel housing the Large Hadron Collider LHC under the Swiss-French border.
I Guess Newton’s third law rules supreme; "For every action there is a reaction, equal in magnitude but opposite in direction". Well currently, the same immense feelings still overwhelm me, however, and in accordance with Newton third law (opposite in direction), it is a feeling of disappointment. It has recently come to my knowledge that the smasher has gone out of commission due to a faulty electrical connection, and as such it will need at least 2 more months to be fixed.

The $10 billion LHC particle collider, in the design and construction stages for more than two decades, is the world's largest atom smasher. It fires beams of protons from the nuclei of atoms around the tunnels at nearly the speed of light.It then causes the protons to collide, revealing how the tiniest particles were first created after the "big bang," which many theorize was the massive explosion that formed the stars, planets and everything.

There is a reason why it going to take long to fix the fault. To increase the efficiency, the smasher operates at near absolute zero (for those who are scientifically inclined, it is Zero Kelvin or -273). Warming up the environment and cooling it down again simply takes time!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

End of World

Are we going to witness the end of the world anytime soon?The Large Hadron Collider LHC -- a $9 billion particle accelerator designed to simulate conditions of the Big Bang that created the physical Universe -- was switched on at 0732 GMT at CERN, Switzerland. Today Sept 10th might be a day that history shall remember (or not quite so) for generations to come Scientist shall experiment the effect of collisions of Protons being fired around 27Km tunnel in opposite direction. Some scientists fear that such experiment may lead to the creation of Black Holes. So What? Ok, Blacks holes are very small particles with huge mass with gravitational forces so great that can swallow anything around it, even light (and hence the name Black). Well if this is true, then such energy is capable of swallowing planet earth and as such would mark the end of the world. If such a thread exists, then why physicists are massively excited about such an experiment
-Confirm theories that physicists have been studying including the existence of an extra dimension.
-The detection of a particle called Higgs Boson which is assumed to exist but never detected. Such particle is also known God particle. If LHC experiments prove the existence of Higgs Boson, the reason why matter has mass is revealed.
-Experiments will recreate the conditions of less than a millionth of a second after the Big Bang and therefore, try to confirm or reestablish how the world evolved.
-Explain why is the universe is ever expanding at an accelerating rate?
-Explain How gravity works?

I am sure there is more, but this is enough for an inquisitive mind to get keyed up for a new era of knowledge discovery. Despite its vast and complex appearance, Our universe is actually ORDERED , RATIONAL and ELEGENT. It is this fact finding experiments that show that the cosmos conforms to mathematical equations so symmetrical and satisfying, they can only be described as beautiful. No wonder Einstein said God does not play dice with the universe.

Can you people imagine that never anybody during the course of history of humanity endeavored for an experimental project that big before
I cannot wait

Amman Sept 10th , 2008
Ramadan 10, 1429
Ammar Sajdi

Saturday, September 06, 2008

My first website - a primitive one

When I first felt like having a presence on the Web, Life was simple for me then. I did not know about HTML, Front page or any of the known Web authoring tools. Therefore, I decided to use an intuitive approach with ubiquitous methods.

The apparatus:

The first web site consisted of only one page with the following components (of course the layout of the original website - which never saw the light- had a phenomenal asthetic dimesnion to it, for its time, and the components you see are just isolated individual component laid out randomly ) :-

Weather Corner


Tahanee Corner

Exit button

Home Button

technology corner

Friday, September 05, 2008

Head to Head

Google is a declaring a serious confrontation in the arena of web browser with the introduction of its CHROME browser. I cannot hide the fact that i am a firm believer in Google and as such, i downloaded the product on the same day it was announced. Already, news about security holes are looming, but remember this in only a BETA version. One nice thing about CHROME is that in the URL address field, you can either type a real URL or a search clause.
Is CHROME yet another browser? Is the world really in need for another browser? In fact, Google claims that that CHROME is not another simple browser, it is a platform to run web applications!Is this the start of a "head to head" competition with Microsoft? Not to forget, that Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo (45 Billion USD offer) that Yahoo turned down last may. Yahoo then signed an agreement with Google to share advertisement space. Microsoft seems to be seriously interested in invading the Web space through the acquisition of yahoo! and google does not just want to watch.
As a matter of fact, if CHROME succeeds in becoming the hub of a web based cloud computing model that necessarily obviates the need for Windows, MAC etc..

81 Years old letter

من عبق التاريخ

Back in 1927 an earthquake hit the eastern Mediterranean region. It affected many areas in Palestine and Jordan. But one of the most hardly hit was the city of Nablus. Obviously, I was there at that time, but my grandfather (Who passed away a long time ago) told me about it on several occasion because he was working for the public works at that time. Anyway, the letter on the left is an interesting historical peace that is worth publishing. Until today, a customer answer for certain question that asks about things in the deep past, would be “Sanet il hazzeh” The year of the quake.

Histroy has special taste to it

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Getting Ref of the View Object referenced by the current Iterator binding for One iterator page without knowing the name of the iterator ...