Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Google Again

If Google Earth knocked your mind out, check out street view.
And while you are at it, why dont you check out Tashkeel http://tashkeel.googlelabs.com/
look at how google will let you write Arabic Chat language and display it in Arabic writing with Tashkeel. Amazing!

By the way, if you just want to use chat language and get it transformed to Arabic, you can use Microsoft Free software called Maren http://www.microsoft.com/middleeast/egypt/cmic/maren/
It will allow you to write 3ammar and while writing it will transform to عمار on the fly (but without tashkeel)

enjoy and keep you eye open to what Google is planning, me think it is going to be the next Microsoft


I have been yearning for this Eid Vacation so intensely, not only because it a global feast, but mainly because it also marked the end of the Jordan Parliamentary elections. Like the situation of electoral candidates, the last period was exasperating, But for me, it was for a different reason. I was not a candidates, but i was responsible for running the software infrastructure for the entire election process. It was a nightmarish experience! the logistics, the scale, the criticality, the performance etc , Just about 4000 users are connecedt directly to the central server and to the software we have created. But thank God, it is now part of the past and it went well.
for a whole month we worked real hard, days and night preparing for that one day 9/11/2010.
as part of demonstrating relief, we are going to our apartment at Tala Bay in Aqaba tomorrow morning, a step that will definitely annoy El-sha3shabonat that i am sure are enjoying the apartment that we paid for.

Say Hi to Julia

By Ammar Sajdi Well, Do not get tooexcited, Julia is a programming language. It saw the light on  Valentine’s  day, 2012. While it can be...