Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The C language dominates the programming languages arean

The number One programming language is the C language according to|TIOBE Programming Community index

Oct 2012
Oct 2011
Delta in PositionProgramming LanguageRatings
Oct 2012
Oct 2011
12C19.822%+2.11%  A
21Java17.193%-0.72%  A
36Objective-C9.477%+3.23%  A
43C++9.260%+0.19%  A
55C#6.530%-0.19%  A
64PHP5.669%-1.15%  A
77(Visual) Basic5.120%+0.57%  A
88Python3.895%-0.05%  A
99Perl2.126%-0.31%  A
1011Ruby1.802%+0.28%  A
1110JavaScript1.261%-0.93%  A
1212Delphi/Object Pascal1.097%-0.01%  A
1313Lisp0.947%-0.08%  A
1418Pascal0.839%+0.12%  A
1516Lua0.728%-0.07%  A
1620Ada0.654%+0.04%  B
1715PL/SQL0.630%-0.27%  B
1825Visual Basic .NET0.599%+0.12%  A--
1921MATLAB0.591%+0.02%  B
2019Assembly0.568%-0.05%  B

The entire report can be found at

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