Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogging from AFRICA

No, neither in Namibia nor Angola, but rather in Libya.Arrived in Benghazi last Saturday on Libyan Arab Airlines. That is my third or fourth trip to Benghazi.Nothing is changed.

Our visit is to an oil company and we resided on campus in their guest house. And Yes there is a TV, but I guess its screen size is no larger than the screen size of my desktop. It is an old Sony, andif you are lucky you would locate the Remote Control in the room. But don't get me wrong, it is a color TV. The whole setup reminded me of my college days, the dining schedule, the menuthe rooms etc..

Benghazi is a coastal city with pleasant weather; there is a lake inside the city ,almost the same size of Lake Geneva.

As far is Tripoli is concerned(which is a thousand Km west of Benghazi), the winds of change continue blowing; to the better of course

sufice it to say, Libya has a coastal line of 2000 KM of virgin beaches. I heard that construction is already underway for good attraction at the shoreline especially in the gulf of Sirt. Shortly, i hope, we shall be spending some serious vacation time at Libya coastal line.

Ammar Sajdi

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2 new members into the league of Arab States

and 22 other countries out!

ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey's prime minister on Sunday denounced Israel's air assault on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip as a "crime against humanity" and called for them to end.

venezuela  Hugo Chavez asks Israel Ambassador to leave the country.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

لقد أسمعت لو ناديت حياً ولكن لا حياة لمن تنادي

"CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuela ordered the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador on Tuesday to protest Israel's military offensive in theGaza strip"

That is Venezuela more than 10000 Km away, shame on us

Sunday, January 04, 2009

مكالمة مع الامل

الشاعر : أحمد مطر
أمس اتصلت بالأمل
قلت له: هل ممكن؟ أن يخرج العطر لنا من الفسيخ والبصل؟
قال: أجل.
قلت: وهل يمكن أن تشعَل النار بالبلل؟
قال: أجل.
قلت: وهل من حنظل يمكن تقطير العسل؟
قال: أجل.
قلت: وهل يمكن وضع الأرض في جيب زحل؟
قال: نعم، بلى، أجل..
فكل شيء محتمل.
قلت: إذن عربنا سيشعرون بالخجل؟
قال: تعال ابصق على وجهي... إذا هذا حصل

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