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The C language dominates the programming languages arean

The number One programming language is the C language according to|TIOBE Programming Community index

Oct 2012
Oct 2011
Delta in PositionProgramming LanguageRatings
Oct 2012
Oct 2011
12C19.822%+2.11%  A
21Java17.193%-0.72%  A
36Objective-C9.477%+3.23%  A
43C++9.260%+0.19%  A
55C#6.530%-0.19%  A
64PHP5.669%-1.15%  A
77(Visual) Basic5.120%+0.57%  A
88Python3.895%-0.05%  A
99Perl2.126%-0.31%  A
1011Ruby1.802%+0.28%  A
1110JavaScript1.261%-0.93%  A
1212Delphi/Object Pascal1.097%-0.01%  A
1313Lisp0.947%-0.08%  A
1418Pascal0.839%+0.12%  A
1516Lua0.728%-0.07%  A
1620Ada0.654%+0.04%  B
1715PL/SQL0.630%-0.27%  B
1825Visual Basic .NET0.599%+0.12%  A--
1921MATLAB0.591%+0.02%  B
2019Assembly0.568%-0.05%  B

The entire report can be found at

Ammar Sajdi

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From the Jewish Talmud

September 26, 2012 at 3:24 am
(This is copied and the original in one of the response in the article 

US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East?

by Franklin Lamb

August 28, 2012

From the Jewish Talmud:
1) If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there. –Moed Kattan 17a
2) If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God. –Sanhedrin 58b
3) A Jew need not pay a Gentile (“Cuthean”) the wages owed him for work. –Sanhedrin 57a
4) If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile (“heathen”) it does not have to be returned.
-Baba Mezia 24a also in Baba Kamma 113b
5) When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep. –Sanhedrin 57a
6) Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel”. –Baba Kamma 37b
7) All Gentile children are animals. –Yebamoth 98a
8) Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth. –Abodah Zarah 36b
9) Only Jews are human (“Only ye are designated men”). –Baba Kattan 114a-114b
10) Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile. –Baba Kamma 113a and two rabbis:
11) Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, “We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing.” -NY Times, June 6, 1989
12) Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” -NY Daily News, Feb 28, 1994

Beautiful skies of Amman

(This post was written a few years back, do not know why it is popping here)

How dare you blame me for being immensely indulged and madly in love with weather after you see the picture shown . This is how the skies of Amman looked like yesterday afternoon (this picture was taken by Issa, right above English school)

And if you look to the picture below, you will understand more. See the feeling is mutual. it is not a one-sided kind of relationship:)

Anyway, In the last 48Hrs, the Eastern Med witnessed the first real intense weather system that dumped a staggering 70 mm of rain in western areas of jordan. By the way, the real rain in Amman started at 9 PM night on Tuesday, exactly when people casted their last ballots and election centers where announced closed.

Taking about elections in Jordan, our company PALCO was in charge for the computer software infrastructure. The difficulty lies in the criticality and the size, where in one day, no errors are allowed , no power failure are allowed, no software glitches are allowed, and you need to have 4000 users simultaneously logged in hitting the database at a rate of around 50 transactions per second from all over Jordan. We had to maintain and support data entry through web interfaced accessed from around 1200 schools all around Jordan.

Two database in RAC configuration were taking the load, each server with 8 CPUs.
Around 8 application Server with Apache (the guy with the feather) installed served as HTTP server.

It was a record breaking stressful month with stress intensifying as the election date was approaching to finally reach a paramount on the day of election. The team had to be available for round the clock.

Anyway, it was real, it was fun , but it was NOT a real fun. The important things is that it ended in a way we hoped it would and we learned a lot. This is not the first time we support election software infrastructure, the first time was back in 1997.

And today, which is my favorite Thursday, we ended the week and the day at champions Latino night-Marriott.

Well i am preparing myself for one heck of a day! next Sunday in Damscus. The project delivery day!!!!

Crossing the Barrier

Last Friday OCT 12, 2012 marks an important day in my non-profession-related career, it is the day when i with my bicycling buddies crossed the 100 Km on my bicycle.  In fact we covered the distance from Amman to Al-Azrak in around 4 cycling hours across the eastern part of the Jordanian desert with a great group of cyclist in great weather conditions.  The total distance was 117 Km!

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