Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Egyptians and the story of Morsi

I was saddened by reading the comments that accompanied the article that appeared in the foreign policy publication (http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/08/09/morsy_is_the_arab_world_s_mandela?hubRefSrc=email#lf_comment=92475372)and mostly made by Egyptian for the following reasons

 1) The amount of hatred between the two sides in unbelievable and cannot  lead to a united Egypt.

2) The amount of fabrication and twisting of news to get perception inline with one's point of view is also shocking. for Example Tawakel is now a hero for the pro morsi protesters , while is evil for the others just because she seemed to have a specific point of view. I gather if she publishes another article tomorrow morning changing her point of view, her acceptance by the Egyptians would swap immediately. She is either applauded or accused by people who never heard of her or her work earlier, but were ready to make up a quick opinion about her in a matter of seconds. If you talk like me you are honorable , if not, you are miserable.  

3) It is crystal clear that Egyptians cannot stand an argument that opposes the one they subscribe to. Even the words that are used to describe the situation is full of implicit opinions. For example, i see people writing words like "Disgusting", "Shameful", "Sick Mind" , "Luring" if they are morsi opposition.  Why cannot you just plainly state your point of view without trying to depict the other side as inhuman and Evil? when we read these words, we cannot respect the writer or his/her point of view.

4) Most of the reasons  given in the comments of this article to justify ones point of view are invalid and mostly trivial. 

5)Affections play the prominent role in the forming of ones opinion in Egypt . General speaking, IF X country  elects Y president then this is a democracy , and if X military ousts  the Y president then this is a coup,,  However, if  X is Egypt, and Y is Morsi  and military over throws the president, then for the opposition it is democracy , however, if X is Egypt and Y is Morsi and you are pro morsi, then it is a coup. While for the rest of us it is coup "no affections attached".  Wake up Egyptians, this is not Umm Kalthum or Abdul Halim we are talking about here. keep your affection aside, and use Wisdom, Learn to accept each other, It is the future of the region and not only Egypt.  it is no longer  لنا الصدز دون العالمين او القبر
6)During the past 40 years i was following Egypt political status.I Was not particularly happy about many things then, but myself and all people around me were excessively  proud of you guys during your  quest for democracy during the Mubarak days. In fact, we wished that we were Egyptians, but Alas, not any more.

7) The outcome that i see today:  You let us down as you buried democracy at its infancy.  You made the Isreal happy; if the Israelis  were asked to customize an enemy for their liking, they could not have done any  better than what Egyptians are now providing , ie. the ideal enemy! and you made the world find out how trivial the Arab mind is, and finally and most importantly, the Arab world is not prepared for democracy, something General Sisi said in 2006, i must say, the guy is a visionary.  (by the way, is it true that his uncle works for Dahi Khalfan of UAE intelligence or this is yet another one of the fact twisting race going on in Egypt)
don't write any comments, i kind of anticipate what they will be! I read all possible combinations in comments sections, I will either be a sick minded , outwards thinking and all bad labeling that your vocabulary can describe or  your all time hero. All depends on if you like or dislike my opinion. Nevertheless, Seldom will i get a subjective critique.


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