Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Traders in Dubai

I came back from dubai today, and the only thing worth talking about is the Hotel. Located within 15 minutes of Dubai International Airport and close to the traditional Deira business centre, Traders Hotel, Dubai is the 4-star brand of Shangri-La offering a quality deluxe hotel that has the efficiencies, warmth, comfort and consistent personalised service of a Shangri-La hotel. The building is low rise and portrays an Arabic feel in its exterior. The interior of the hotel reflects a modern, clean, contemporary look throughout all guest rooms and public areas.

Additionally, they serve excellent food, truely the facinating Shangri-La style. It is a fairly small hotel and reasonably priced. When i say reasonably priced, it is only 200 USD/night. This price tag is really reasonable when compared to the staggaring accomodation cost prevailing now a days in dubai. 3 weeks back i was in Abu-dhabi Sheraton (5 starts), but honestly speaking, i think that Traders is a better hotel, 2 week before that, i stayed at Dubai Crown Plaza (another 5 starts) and you know what, does not stand a chance. These 5 start have big conference facilities and ball rooms, other than that, i favour Traders

what is always annoying with visiting dubai is that if you have to return to Amman - Jordan via Royal Jordanian, you have to go to the airport at 5:30 AM, which, does not only get me bugged for lack of sleep, but also having to pay the $200 for no value

Ammar Sajdi

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