Saturday, January 09, 2010

Immediate = True

In JSF development, and attribute called Immediate pops up sporadically.
It has always been a source of confusion of myself and others around me. Rather than trying to explain its meaning in the post, I will redirect the reader to the best article i have ever read about this issue,

In essense, the immediate behaviour has to be studied for Input Items seperately from Command items. In Input Items, immediate = true, effectively executes the validation, conversion and events queueing at the end of the apply-request phase. If an error occurs, the rest of the lifecycle is skipped and the Render phase is executed (meaning that non-immediate input items wont be checked). For Command Button, immediate=true means that the action listener or other action events are executed at the end of the apply-request (before, any validation on non - immediate items and before update model). If the event processing returns a non-null navigation string, the lifecycle proceeds to the render-response phase, effectively short-circuiting all other component's lifecycle processing. if the even processing returns null navigation string, then normal processing of lifecycle continues.

ammar sajdi


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Getting Ref of the View Object referenced by the current Iterator binding for One iterator page without knowing the name of the iterator

Getting Ref of the View Object referenced by the current Iterator binding for One iterator page without knowing the name of the iterator ...