Sunday, September 19, 2010

On the Road again

I have been on the road lately and pretty actively. What i mean here is traveling and not bike riding. Just before Eid, i had to spend a couple of days a Kuwait for the Kuwait University Admission software, then during Eid Vacation, we have spent a splendid five days vacation in Istanbul (during which the Turkish people turned out to cast their votes in a referendum for constitutional changes which went in favor of the Current PM Ardogan,, who incidentally, currently sees his country's interest leaning towards amicable relationships with the Islamic world). Then Today I am in a very short trip to Tripoli, Libya. I have arrived this afternoon, will have a meeting and will be heading back to Amman tomorrow. The story does not end here, i have other planned trips to both KSA and Yemen soon. The short term outlook seems to include moderate on the road activities.


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