Sunday, December 31, 2006

I fell in love with my new SONY notebook - A Stylish support for business and Beyond

Even though it is only 2 month since i bought my DELL 6400, but i always appreciated SONY. I could not resist the latest SONY VAIO notebooks, i ended buying one.
i was confused which model to buy. Two models made at as finalists. Both have the following specs

2GB Centrino DUO
Memory Stick card
built-in camera

The first model ( VGN FE38GP has a wide 15.4 screen but weighs about 2.8 KG. It seems to have been designed to replace your desktop, but not quite effecient as machine for someone who want something the size and weight of a notebook

The other VGN-SZ38GP has 13.3 screen - very light (1.6KG) and is equipped with several security feature (Finger printer sensor for login and for decrypting files and directories)

The second one is more expensive (due to miniaturizations) and is around 2400 USD while the fist sells for 1900 USD.

I ended up buying the second one due to the weight difference which makes a difference if you travel a lot and carry your notebook every where. It is truely a Stylish support for business and beyond . Sleek design for a poweful machine with a real long battary life.

To make office usage easier, i bough a docking station.

I am happy about it and it is my Eid present

Ammar Sajdi

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