Saturday, November 22, 2008

ban on Alcohol? a myth or a reality

In many occasions, i find myself debating why i am a no-no guy when it comes to alcohol consumption. of course, to many i am just NOT COOL, BORING. lack progressive thinking! And my mind is simply rendered incapacitated by some disputable religious doctrines! in other words , i am simply متخلف.

Well in an article published today by By GREGORY KATZ, Associated Press Writer,
Britain is considering imposing restriction on alcohol drinking as drink related death is on the rise. This is mainly due to liver problems among young people and such condition is signaling a future epidemic. As a first step, a ban on HAPPY HOURS (discounted drinking hour at bars and rest) is considered. The government is also planning to spend 10 million pounds (15 Million USD) on awareness campaign and enforcement laws against under age drinking.

I would not have personally dared to be a health advocate against alcohol drinking, because, given the above perception, people would immediately think that i am being biased, and as such driven into defending my beliefs in any way. This time, it is Gregory Katz of the associated press that you need to argue with


husams said...

If you like banning stupid choices of people as main cause of deaths, then you should scan history and see what caused more deaths, religion or alcohol, then ban the most fatal first.

guardian angel said...

طوبى للغرباء

Ammar said...

first of all, we are talking about the present here! secondly, this is a good question that you need to direct to the west, and in this particular event, 10 Downing str.

Anonymous said...

one can be cool and not boring without drinking

Anonymous said...

Those who drink are gealouse of those who don't

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