Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Introducing the 1.0 Version - Smart Comedy

This is entirely extracted from
" The crancky product manager"
The ugly side of software product development

Introducing the 1.0 Version
You may wonder where the Cranky Product Manager has been for the last few months.
Well, she and Delightful Husband had been working on their own product release of sorts.
The Cranky Product Manager is proud to announce the release of CrankyKid Version 1.0, released to manufacturing sometime in the last month or two (or three) at a very healthy birthweight. All in the Cranky Family are doing well and are in excellent health.
The new product release has been extremely well received by the extended families, even after playing with the product for a few weeks. Considering this is a 1.0 release, CrankyKid seems quite stable and free of major defects (though time will tell). This is particularly impressive considering CrankyKid was not developed with an iterative/agile development processes. Not taking the baby out of the womb to see if its done yet and then stuffing it back in. Nay. Instead, a more waterfall-esque methodology was used. Of course, as one would expect with waterfall development, the last month of the release cycle was arduous. And the last day -- that final "push" to get the product to market -- well, it was painful and hectic and painful and painful and a hell of a lot of work, to say the least.
CrankyKid truly lives up to his/her name. And thus, two major enhancement requests have already been logged:
# E000001) Identify and remedy the cause of CrankyKid's inconsolable crying (colic? acid reflux?)
# E000002) Let mother sleep more than 2 hours at a time
If only a service pack would clear up these issues...
And just you remember, the Cranky Product Manager is a fictional character with a fictional husband and a fictional child. Everything in this post might be fabricated and be utter bullshit* nonsense.
* Now that she's a parent, the Cranky Product Manager is trying to clean up her language. Hahahaha, as if.


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