Monday, November 12, 2007

Kiss your ADSL router good bye

In a ceremonial event at Four Seasons hotel, Omnia has announced the launch of its new WiMax Internet Access the day before yesterday. By the way, the Steak that was served was exceptionally delicious.

The steps are easy

Get Rid of your ADSL line
subscribe with Omnia
Get your wireless Wimax router, no land lines or anything!!
bring the wimax router home
get your pc connected

you feel like sitting in a public place (for example Al-Alfieh Garden). No problem, bring on your WiMax router and your are connected (i assume you still need power).
I hope that you get the idea.

Later on , buy a USB WiMax router
Hook it to your laptop
and you are connected everywhere there is coverage

I still need to verify the reliability of the line!!

The cost ! Around 465 JD / Year for a 2Mb line

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Paula said...

Thanks for writing this.

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