Friday, November 02, 2007


Simplexity is the name of a book i bought from Bahrain Airpot at 6 AM this morning on my way back to Amman. As usual, RJ cannot possibly pick worse flight timing even if it hired people to do so. The Flight departure time is 7 AM (6AM Amman time), so you need to be prepared early very early in the morning. It true that you arrive early in the morning to Amman, but you spend the entire day tired. Anyway, Simplexity, is a book about Simple Rules of a Complex World written by Jeffery Kluger. I liked the title, but still need to examine the contents.

my time is bahrain was almost full. I ended up spending at our company apartment, whcih turned out to be much better that i initially imagined but of course, not a five stars standard. It is a 2 bedroom apt with 2 bathrooms, small kitchen and reasonably sized sitting room and a big TV and free internet access. The building contains good facilities for the tenants like an indoor swiming pool, Gem, and a recreation room. Just opposite to the building, there is a small shopping area with a nice supermarket and a nice coffee shop with wireless internet. Fortunately, the apt was cleaned before my arrival

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Khawaja M. said...

I've read few reviews about it online.. it seems to be interesting..

looking forward to reading yours.

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