Friday, July 11, 2008

أخترت لكم


Anonymous said...

My God! I can not think about a more humiliating fatwa against women than this one in Islam history may be.
Can one of these two persons who claim to be a source for fatwa we shall refer to get us Hadith from our prophet Mohammad describes women in the same way?? "خبث طويتهاو عهر المرأة"
Is this a generalization for Muslim women, their default?? all women are "عاهرات" so we shall keep them away from internet!!
Is there a way to sue them?? by the name of muslim women??

Anonymous said...

salam,r u sure from the source u took from this information or fatwas???
and why u r using sthing that was printed in 2004?????and put it now ?secondly i doubt that somebody that is highly respected by so many like alshaikh sa3d al3'amidi would anounce such a fatwa???i will check it and get back to u .

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