Saturday, May 19, 2007

Outlets in Bahrain

What stands out remarkably in Bahrain is the abundance of night clubs. There is an excessive number of mediocre hotels whose only function seems to only host a night club. As we express it in the Arabic language, between a night club and a night club there is a night club. Again, these night clubs are all located inside 2-3 start hotels. These are not the type of night clubs that one would feel inclined to check out!!
During the weekend, Bahrain becomes very busy as many people cross the causeway from neighbouring Damam, Alkubar at KSA. Most probably, many of them end up at these night clubs. even though, such phenomenon seems be a vital instrument to feed the economy, but i would like to see such phenomenon diminishing in Bahrain or at least not to have it explicitly expressed the way currently it is.

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