Monday, March 12, 2007

better to know 'cpio' before getting down to the serious business

A Real Techy post, OR should I say a real Techie post
Both work well, Techie is a term, derivative of the word technology. This post is really on the Tech side, Techy a variant of tetchy (easily irritated or annoyed)

This post is a bit of both,
but you will see in the end of the post , the findings are not really techy

I am spent the entire morning upgrading our Oracle portal platform to version 10.1.4
I just downloaded the binaries from Oracle Site
One file was downloaded (as_linux_x86_portal_1014.cpio)
The installation manual assumes that you have the CD media
The installation command is really straight forward

$ -oracle_home /home/oracle/infra -oid_host -oid_ssl_port636

Thinking i am thee linux cpio expert (which i only use while installing oracle products by the way), i thought i can remember the command of my head, fa i wrote

cpio -icvf (smaller than sign) as_linux_x86_portal_1014.cpio

when command finished running and i ran the command as instructed

immediately i ended up with

could not find
COULD not find java 2 Runtime Environment

how can this be the case, when all other applications use the JRE

This where i spend most try all possible techniques to make sure JRE is really exposed.
After thorough investigation, i found out the mrua scripts uses the JRE that is contained within the portal upgrade binaries. I looked into the JRE subdirectories in the main directory under which the portal upgrade binaries were loaded, but i found no libraries.

Well, all of that happened because i thought that checking the cpio command is a waste of time. The contrary proved to be quite true is this case

The correct command is

cpio -idmv (smaller than sign) as_linux_x86_portal_1014.cpio

it is the d in the idmv

The Lesion Learned
i you believe you know your stuff very well to become a monster, your monstrous behaviour does not guarantee you an effective resolution of yr problems

if you try to save time by cutting corners, you may end up wasting a lot of time, check the documents first

ammar Sajdi
Amman jordan
oracle consultant

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