Sunday, March 11, 2007


To add to my TV view pleasure, i wanted to buy a new Flat TV. (do not laugh, but i spend most of my time on TV while asleep)

As normal, i do not embark on engaging in new project without enough thought.
I wanted to buy flat TV. Naturally, i was confronted with many issues that i needed to resovle before buying one

1- How many inches
2- LCD or Plasma
3-most importantly ,, the Brand

After some research i found the following

1) for the size, you might be confined with the size of the room. One has to keep a distance between the seat and the TV. For the best viewing pleasure the following are guidelines

For 32 Inch TV 2.4 meters
For 37 Inch TV 2.7 meters
For 40 Inch TV 3,0 meters
For 42 Inch TV 3.2 meters
For 46 Inch TV 3.5 meters

Because i m not planning to buy a new house just for the TV, i figured it would be wise to choose a set that suits the current dimension of the existing sitting root. It best scenario (w/o changing decoration and with all wires hidden) was 37 Inch

2)LCD or Plasma

There are two compelling advantages with an LCD TV. The first is that they can be much easier to watch than a cathode ray tube (CRT) model. This is because screen displays are significantly brighter with a high contrast and the flicker free picture. LCD TVs will work effectively in almost any kind of room lighting from bright to ambient. Secondly, LCDs have a higher native resolution than plasma TVs of the same size making them ideal for high-definition output. While plasma TVs are currently better at the moment for sheer screen size, as more and more television output becomes high-definition TV (HDTV), LCD technology will come to the fore.

3) Brand

S O N Y came as my initial bet, unfortunately, the Sony dealer has limited range and when compared with the market prices of SONY LCD across the world, the Sony dealer here in Jordan is not doing a good job. There is no 37" in Amman, and the 40" sells for 2600 JD.
My research has shown that Samsung is well ranked worldwide, but again, the dealer in Amman carries the 32" and the 46" only and (for some reason) even the next shipment will not have 37" , 40" range (i think Samsung competitors cannot get any luckier than this, what an ideal competitor; Samsung must be thinking of a marketing plan that really beats me).
When i was looking for the top selling LCD TV, SONY and Samsung were ranked among the best, but, i could not get what i wanted in Amman. SHARP came to my rescue, i bought a 37 Inch SHARP at a price tag of 1600 JD, the 42" model is selling for 1900.

It is a nice TV with good crisp picture. These TV can give excellent picture if you feed High Definition (HD), signal. However, it is seldom the case that we get HD signal in the current set of Satellite Channel. I thought the MBC have the best signal so far.

But this is not where the excitement is!!!
I found out that it has a Computer input, meaning that you can connect your laptop and here you go, a 37" Computer Screen. For obvious reasons, my wife was not particularly happy about this discovery. For my, it was really a thrill, with a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, high power laptop and a large flat panel LCD display, the sitting room has been transformed "be anywhere" always wired, digital sitting room.

i will take a picture of my new LCD and show it to you soon



Anonymous said...

did some research on this last year when i got a nice 40" samsung (samsung and sony share the same panels btw, though the processor inside is different).

Was told up to 40" LCD is good, anything above that plasma.

you forgot to mention that plasmas handle standard definition feeds better than LCD. But i bought my LCD mainly for HD gaming on the 360 and HD-DVD, (PS3 sounds tempting too). You can also download HD videos online and they are wicked especially with a quality AV Receiver/amp and some good speakers.

Hamzeh N. said...

Mabrook! I bought a new TV a couple of weeks ago too, I know how it is :D

Anonymous said...

I have been searching for LCD TV I saw the 42 inch from sharp and thought it was great till I dicovered the samsung 40 . One thing annoued me was the dealer was giving me the specification of one model and once I looked at the TV it was a lower resolution model and am sure this will reflect on the price. his intial offer was 1499 JD. I though this is not busniess but cheating . who is the real agent of samsung in Jordan ?? anyone know ?

Ammar said...


i think Samsung dealer is Abu-Taweeleh, one of their show rooms can be found at Alwaha round about. I found a Samung displayed at Cosmo Third floor (exclusive floor for electronics and electrical appliances)

Ammar Sajdi

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