Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snow or no Snow, and this is the answer

Location: My office Abu Elhajj comercial complex office 805 room 201
Time : 8 AM
Outside Temperature : 1 (One) degree above freezing
Precipitation form : Snow
current condition : Snowing

It is actually snowing, but the accumulation on the ground is little, maybe not cold enough or because it was raining all night. There is a white cover of not more than 2 cm.

Ammar Sajdi


Omar Aloyoun said...

I am happy to see your blog Ammar. I took an Oracle training in your company Palestine Engineering Co. in Suwefieh in 1999. I have also met you in Dubai once. I will visit you someday in your office.

Ammar said...

glad to get this feedback from you.
The office is still there, but there is sister company for PALCO called REALSOFT located at Abu-Elhajj center, this is where i spend most of my time. you are most welcome anytime

ammar sajdi

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